Safe Sports Social Awards


Safe Sports Star of the Year: This award recognizes a person not associated with Safe Sports Network who through words/actions demonstrates his/her commitment to ensuring youth sports safety.

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Cindy Lavigne

Cindy Lavigne is a prominent figure in the Manchester sports scene. It is rare to spot her without her camera, as she diligently captures moments across all levels of sports, from the professional arena to college, high school, and even middle school. She's even been spotted snapping pictures at elementary and recreational events around the city!

As a freelance photographer, Cindy shares her work on platforms like 603Basketball and Manchester InkLink. Her website, Lavigne's Live Shots, serves as a repository of cherished memories for anyone seeking them.

But Cindy's contributions go far beyond photography. She generously dedicates her time and talents to various endeavors, notably supporting Safe Sports athletes. From volunteering at numerous events, such as our Safe Sports Social and concession stands, to contributing to our auctions and making personal contributions, Cindy's commitment as a multi-year donor underscores her enduring dedication to our kids.

Cindy is a dedicated sports mom, wife and all-around fan. Having her as a part of the Greater Manchester community has greatly enriched it, and our Safe Sports kids have benefited immensely from her constant presence. Without a doubt, Cindy is most highly deserving of recognition for her remarkable contributions to our young athletes.


Year Winner
2023 Pam Kasper
2022 Corflex Global
2021 Keith J. Loud
2020 Andrea Elliot
2019 Scott Evans
2018 Sue Thomas
2017 Matthew Benson & William Demers Co-Stars
2016 Steve Coburn
2015 Christopher Couture, MD
2014 Arthur Maerlender, PhD


Primary Bank Perseverance Scholarship: This award is given to a young athlete who suffers a season-or career-ending injury but stays involved with his or her team despite the injury.


Year Winner
2024 Jayden Voshburgh, Central High School Class of 2024
2023 Greg Watson, Bishop Brady High School Class of 2023
2022 Uxiel Mpoyo, Goffstown High School Class of 2022
2021 Michael Adams, Central High School Class of 2021
2020 Kelly Leonard, Memorial High School Class of 2020
2019 Meredith Basta, Bishop Guertin High School Class of 2019
2018 Monique Sirois, Goffstown High School Class of 2018
2017 Brendan Dillon, Bedford High School Class of 2017


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