Balance is one of many areas that can be negatively affected by concussion. The assessment of balance, therefore, is important for a thorough concussion examination. This research seeks to contribute to the understanding of balance assessment.

Long-Term Test-Retest Reliability of the BESS Test Using C3 Logix Platform in High School Athletes

Change in Baseline BESS Performance Among High School Athletees Following Sports-Retlated Concussion

C3 Logix Concussion Suite

C3 Logix (iComet Technologies, Cleveland, Ohio) is a tablet-based application available for the Apple iPad. C3 Logix offers a and easily-portable way to perform objective balance and neurocognitive assessments. However, it is important to understand the measurement properties of any tests before relying on them to inform clinical decision-making. Without this knowledge, use of these tests to return athletes to play is at best inappropriate. Research projects in this realm seek to contribute to the body of literature on this topic.

Effect of Concussion History on Instrumented and Clinical Balance Performance

Horizontal Dynamic Visual Acuity Test on C3 Logix Provokes Symptoms in Healthy Collegiate Athletes

Horizontal Dynamic Visual Acuity Testing Considerations for Management of Sport-Related Concussion

Validity and Reliability of Select Neurocognitive Tests of the C3 Logix Concussion Assessment Battery

Measurement Properties of the Balance Error Scoring System Component of the C3 Logix Concussion Assessment Battery