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New Hampshire Musculoskeletal Institute
Beth Lewis

Beth is from Acton, Massachusetts and graduated from the University of Vermont in May 2019 with a Bachelor of Science in Athletic Training. She is incredibly excited to increase her knowledge of general medicine through participation in the clinical rotations. She is also looking forward to the opportunity to work closely with other healthcare professionals, as well as the chance to closely observe a variety of surgeries. In the future, Beth hopes to work in a Division 1 collegiate setting, ideally with a basketball team. In her free time Beth enjoys running, hiking, and being outdoors.

New Hampshire Musculoskeletal Institute
Lee Matthews

Lee is from Rochester, New York and graduated from Ithaca College with a Bachelor of Science degree in Athletic Training in May 2019. Lee was a member of Ithaca's varsity track team for all four years and had the opportunity to work with athletic teams at the high school, Division three and Division one level.  He is looking forward to exploring New Hampshire and learning from medical professionals skilled at their specialty. He is especially interested in observing surgery and further developing his skills and confidence by working at West High school and the drop-in clinic. Lee plans to hike the Presidential Range, explore the White Mountains and go skiing in his free time. Beth and Lee collaborate to cover West High School and the Safe Sports Drop-in Network Clinic.

Past Residents/Fellows

(NOTE: Until 2011, this program was known as NHMI's Athletic Training Fellowship.)
New Hampshire Musculoskeletal Institute
Melissa Hango

Melissa is from Berkshire, Vermont and graduated from Norwich University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Athletic Training in May 2018. At Norwich, some of Melissa's favorite memories included being a four-year member of the Norwich Women's Cross-Country Team and completing a summer research fellowship. She is looking forward to being immersed in a variety of amazing opportunities to help her grow as a clinician, and is particularly excited to complete her clinical rotations and learn from different healthcare professionals. Being from rural Vermont, Melissa is also eager to explore Manchester. In her spare time, she enjoys running, hiking, and skiing. UPDATE: Melissa will be an Assistant Athletic Trainer at Washington College in Chestertown, MD, beginning in August 2019.  She will also provide outreach coverage at Kent County High School and plans to pursue further education in the future.

New Hampshire Musculoskeletal Institute
Erin Baker

Erin is from Rehoboth Beach, Delaware and graduated from the University of North Carolina Wilmington in May 2018 with a Bachelor's of Arts in Athletic Training. She hopes to continue her athletic training success at NHMI and is ready for all the challenges and experiences the residency has to offer. She is especially excited about exploring the different healthcare professions through the clinical experiences, as well as gaining exposure working in the drop-in clinic and at West High School. She is also looking forward to exploring New Hampshire and Boston in her free time. Erin is currently unsure about what her future career holds, but she is sure that the NHMI Athletic Training Residency will lead her in the right direction! UPDATE: Erin will be moving to Boston in fall 2019 to pursue a Master's of Education in Counseling with a specialization in Sports Psychology. She will also be working at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) as a graduate assistant athletic trainer during this time.

New Hampshire Musculoskeletal Institute
Jennifer Gaudet

Jennifer studied athletic training at Springfield College and will receive her BS in athletic training in May 2017. Some of her favorite memories from Springfield College were participating in a short-term study abroad trip to China to study sports medicine, and volunteering as a wheelchair sweeper at the 2017 Boston Marathon. Jenn is excited to continue her education and gain experience in athletic training through the opportunities presented by NHMI. She is particularly looking forward to observing surgery and learning from the various health care professionals. Jenn is a native of New Hampshire, and enjoys running, hiking, and playing basketball in her free time. UPDATE: After the residency, Jenn moved out to Arizona where she worked as the head athletic trainer for a high school. She is now looking to pursue her interests working as an athletic trainer with the elderly population. 

New Hampshire Musculoskeletal Institute
Austin Dykes

Austin is from Sylvester, GA and graduated from Georgia College with a Bachelor of Science degree in athletic training in May 2017. He is really looking forward to gaining knowledge and experience through the clinical rotations, drop-in clinic and at West High School. He is also excited about the unique opportunity to partake in dissection labs throughout the year. Austin is currently unsure about his future career plans, but is confident the residency will lead him in the right direction. He is looking forward to experiencing all that New Hampshire has to offer! UPDATE: As of summer, 2019, Austin is currently enrolled in PA School at AT Still University in Mesa, AZ. He attributes the residency as the main reason for his acceptance. 

New Hampshire Musculoskeletal Institute
Benjamin Wheeler

Ben graduated in April of 2016 with his BS in Athletic Training from Northern Michigan University and completed NHMI's residency in 2017. While he was in NH, Ben made the most of it...fly fishing from south to north, visiting the ocean, mountains and Boston. He also made the most of the variety that the residency offers. He believes the chance to work autonomously with the drop-in clinic and the high school, and the chance to collaborate and work with a wide variety of clinicians that are members of the residency faculty have prepared him for the next step. Great news...Ben was recently accepted into the College of Osteopathic Medicine at Michigan State University and will be starting in June 2019!

New Hampshire Musculoskeletal Institute
Samantha Kattiria

Sam received her bachelor of science in athletic training from the University of South Florida in Tampa in May, 2016. Notably, she was the first female student athletic trainer assigned to their clinical rotation with the NHL Tampa Bay Lightning. Sam's goal for every day is to be able to look in the mirror and say honestly, "I was my best self today." She brought that attitude to the residency and had a great year. Sam is currently enrolled in gradate school at East Stroudsburg Uuniversity in PA and has been assigned to the field hockey team.

New Hampshire Musculoskeletal Institute
Katelyn Metzger

Katelyn graduated in May 2015 from Endicott College with her bachelors degree in athletic training. She enjoyed the multiple educational aspects of the residency and for the opportunity to give back by taking care of young athletes at the Safe Sports Drop-in and at the high school. Regardless of the season, when she has spare time, Katelyn can be found outdoors...running, cycling, skiing, whitewater rafting. The more adrenaline involved the better! After a year on staff at NHMI working on the middle school safety infrastructure project, Katelyn is now the Head Athletic Trainer at Bishop Guertin High School in Nashua, NH.

New Hampshire Musculoskeletal Institute
Madeline Simon

Maddie received her BS in athletic training in May 2015 from Illinois State University. She brought her eagerness to learn to the Residency in hopes of enhancing and diversifying her undergrad education.  She recently graduated from the physician assistant program at Wichita State University.  Maddie is now working at Rush in sports medicine/orthopedic surgery alongside Dr. Forsythe, who is part of the sports medicine team for the Chicago Fire, Bulls and White Sox!

New Hampshire Musculoskeletal Institute
Jason Roberto

Jason graduated in May 2014 from Baldwin Wallace University with his bachelors degree in athletic training. He loved the rich history and variety of learning opportunities in the residency. He recently graduated from a physician assistant program in Atlantic City and will work at Promedica in Monroe, Michigan as an orthopedic PA.

New Hampshire Musculoskeletal Institute
Matthew Nowak

Matt received his BS in athletic training from UConn in May 2014. He is looking forward to the variety of exposure he will get with the residency - especially all the surgery observation. Matt is very active and played many sports through high school. Recently he's started snowboarding...and he hasn't broken anything yet! Matt worked for NHMI in a one-year position as Middle School Project Coordinator and Research Assistant after completion of the residency. Matt has completed officer training and is now attending medical school at Kansas City University.

New Hampshire Musculoskeletal Institute
Kevin Silva, MS, ATC

Kevin received his BS in athletic training from Plymouth State University in May, 2011 (Magna Cum Laude). He received his MS in athletic training from Ohio University in 2013. He was excited about the Residency for years before coming - he started hearing about it at the beginning of his undergraduate AT studies. Residency Alum Keith Belmore was one of his mentors! Kevin's hobbies include playing hockey, cooking and "attempting to play golf." After a year as the head athletic trainer at Bishop Guertin high school in Nashua, NH, Kevin is currently at Salem State University. He currently holds a tenure-track faculty position in the Athletic Training Education Program.

New Hampshire Musculoskeletal Institute
Max Cohen, ATC

Max graduated Magna Cum Laude with his BS in athletic training from Boston University in May, 2013. He was excited about the Residency for many reasons, including its focus on general medical education. He was also thrilled to be able to give back to the community via the Safe Sports Network. Max plays bass in a band, writes his own music, loves sports and is enthralled with technology! Max is currently in medical school at the University of New England.

New Hampshire Musculoskeletal Institute
Theresa Chester, ATC

Theresa received her BS in athletic training from East Carolina University in May, 2012. She made the most of her time in the residency, working to increase her knowledge, confidence and improve her clinical skills. Theresa is currently serving in the US Navy - at last sighting, she was stationed in Quantico, VA.

New Hampshire Musculoskeletal Institute
Brad Endres, ATC, CSCS

Brad received his BS in athletic training from the University of Texas in May, 2011. Brad still can't get over how much he learned during the year. Including how to shovel two feet of snow!! In his free time Brad enjoys any type of outdoor activity, be it hiking, hunting, fishing or golfing. Brad spent 2 years after the residency completing a mission with the Fellowship of Catholic University Students program. Brad is now a Masters student at the University of Connecticut in their prestigious kinesiology department working with the Korey Stringer Institute.

New Hampshire Musculoskeletal Institute
Sossan Al-Darraji, PA-C, ATC

Sossan received her BS in athletic training from the Keene (NH) State College in May, 2011. She was very excited about the residency for many reasons, but especially to have opportunities to both improve her athletic training skills and to continue to explore her strong interest in AT research. Sossan uses her daily workouts and runs to de-stress. Sossan is recently graduated from PA school in Portland, OR and passed her boards! She will be working in the Emergency Room at Saint Clare Hospital in Lakewood, WA.

New Hampshire Musculoskeletal Institute
Justin Bric, ATC

Justin received his BS in athletic training from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in December 2010. He was most excited about the rare opportunity to gain the broad exposure and experience this residency offers with multiple medical specialties so early in his career. Justin likes to snowboard (in Wisconsin??!!), golf, workout and play sports. He included this fun fact in his "tell us about yourself" essay: He can drive an Zamboni ice resurfacer! Justin is attending medical school at the Medical College of Wisconsin in Milwaukee.

New Hampshire Musculoskeletal Institute
Nora Beltz, MS, ATC, CSCS

Nora received her Masters in athletic training from Plymouth State University in June 2010. She received her BA in biology from Colby (Maine) College and worked briefly in that field before deciding to pursue athletic training. The Fellowship, she believes, has made her a better athletic trainer by exposing her to multiple physicians/professionals in the sports medicine team and significantly broadening her experience. Nora enjoys multiple outdoor activities and has done a fair amount of traveling including a study-abroad stint in London. She is now working on her PhD at UConn.

New Hampshire Musculoskeletal Institute
Molly Day, ATC

Molly finished number 1 in the 2010 graduating class at the University of Wisconsin-Lacrosse where she earned a BS in athletic training. She was very excited about the incredible educational opportunity the Fellowship offered and has made the most of her time here. Molly is an accomplished artist, athlete and plays the piano. Molly started medical school at the University of Wisconsin in Madison in August, 2011. She finished medical school in 2015 and is doing her orthopedic residency in Iowa.

New Hampshire Musculoskeletal Institute
Matthew Burns, ATC

Matt received his bachelor of science from the University of Connecticut. In the year prior to the Fellowship, Matt worked as the intern AT at Phillips Exeter Academy in Exeter, New Hampshire. Matt felt "drawn" to the unique program of diverse experiences offered by the Fellowship and he was very motivated to contribute to the development of our new structured curriculum. In his free time Matt likes to do anything active -- running, hiking, snowboarding. During his interview he related that he thought the best word describe him would be "alive!".  Matt completed his MS in Genetics & Applied genomics at UCONN and worked in drug discovery research at Boehringer Ingelheim before starting PA school in 2015 at Quinnipiac. Matt will be working in the emergency setting.

New Hampshire Musculoskeletal Institute
Adam Hernandez, MS, ATC

Adam completed his Masters in Athletic Training at Indiana State University after receiving his bachelor of science from the University of New Hampshire where he was active in research collaboratively conducted by NHMI and UNH. In fact, he interfaced with previous fellows in that capacity. After a stint as the athletic trainer for USA Luge, Adam moved into a position as the Head Athletic Trainer for Tabor Academy, Buzzards Bay, MA. He has returned to NH as the Head Athletic Trainer for Phillips Exeter Academy.

New Hampshire Musculoskeletal Institute
Dawn (Schisler) Belmore, MEd, ATC

Dawn completed her Masters of Health Education & Promotion at the University of Missouri where she provided coverage for their swimming & diving team. Prior to Mizzou, Dawn earned her undergraduate degree from Iowa State. She enjoyed the whole Fellowship - never able to declare her favorite part despite persistent prodding! Dawn is an accomplished musician – plays several instruments and sings – and loves to cook and eat! Coming in, Dawn thought New England seafood would be a great substitute for the steak and potatoes of her mid-west upbringing. She was right. She loved it...but, alas, Dawn and husband Keith (07-08) have returned to the midwest. Dawn is currently an assistant professor in the athletic training program at the University of Missouri.

New Hampshire Musculoskeletal Institute
Sarah Philipp, ATC

Sarah graduated from Tusculum College in Greeneville, TN in May 2008 – about 2 hours from her hometown of Asheville, NC. Sarah distinguished herself as an outstanding student and leader with a commitment to community service. As part of a senior service class, she traveled to Belize to work on several projects of benefit to residents there. Sarah loves outdoor activities – mountain biking and camping – and also enjoys cooking. Sarah works in Asheville in a clinic-high school position. She has completed massage/yoga certifications.

New Hampshire Musculoskeletal Institute
Keith Belmore, MEd, ATC, CSCS

Keith completed his masters of health education at the University of Missouri; while in Missouri, Keith worked with their Division 1 football team, participating in Bowl games both years. He earned his undergraduate athletic training degree from Plymouth State University in his home state of New Hampshire. Keith loves to ski and is a big sports fan. After a three-year stint at Plymouth State University as an Assistant Athletic Trainer (head football), and two years at NHMI as the Director of our Safe Sports Network, Keith returned to Missouri. He is an Assistant Professor and Clinical Coordinator for the University of Missouri's ATEP.

New Hampshire Musculoskeletal Institute
Liz Mierendorf, MAOM, Lic.Ac, ATC

Elizabeth graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in May, 2007 and received her Master’s Degree in Acupuncture in 2011. Liz is from Wisconsin but her love of travel has carried her many places including Costa Rica where she participated in a project to help save sea turtles. She has started her acupuncture practice back home in Madison, WI with Isthmus Acupuncture.

New Hampshire Musculoskeletal Institute
Larnie Boquiren, MS, ATC

Larnie completed her Master of Science degree (sports medicine/athletic training) at the Arizona School of Health Sciences before starting the Fellowship. Larnie's undergraduate athletic training education was completed at the Cal-State Fullerton. Originally from the Philippines, Larnie was brought up in Southern California. After a long stint teaching and working as an athletic trainer at a private school in Santa Monica, CA, Larnie  joined USA Water Polo as the head athletic trainer for the USA women's team. The team brought home the gold medal from Rio! Click this link to see video of a TV interview...Larnie mentions this program at about 3 minutes into the second video and then again a few minutes later.

New Hampshire Musculoskeletal Institute
Lindsay (Labore) Overko, PA-C, ATC

Lindsay completed her Bachelor of Science at Northeastern University in Boston and completed PA school in Virginia. Lindsay was thrilled to receive the fellowship despite the fact that it is in her hometown. Lindsay was the third fellow to hail from New Hampshire, but the first from Manchester -- in fact, during high school, Lindsay danced in a performance of the Nutcracker with our medical director, Jim Vailas. She is a board-certified physician assistant working in the primary care setting.

New Hampshire Musculoskeletal Institute
Aaron Copeland, PA-C, ATC

Aaron graduated magna cum laude from Lock Haven University in Pennsylvania where he was selected as the Outstanding Student Athletic Trainer for the 2005 graduating class. Aaron is originally from Pennsylvania, from a town he describes as being so small he has to drive 15 miles to get his mail. He is now a physician assistant working in an orthopedic clinic in Somersworth, NH.

New Hampshire Musculoskeletal Institute
Stephanie Gale, MEd, ARNP, ATC

Stephanie completed her graduate study of athletic training at Plymouth (NH) State University in December 2004. Stephanie came to New Hampshire from her hometown near Cleveland, Ohio after spending several years teaching at a private school in Florida. Stephanie has completed her nurse-practitioner degree and is working near Cleveland in and adult/geriatric setting in a private practice.

New Hampshire Musculoskeletal Institute
Eric Gattie, DPT, ATC, CSCS

Eric graduated (May, 2004) from Mercyhurst College in Erie, Pennsylvania where he was captain of the lacrosse team. Eric is a New Hampshire native, born and brought up in Lebanon, NH. Tamara Valovich, 1998-1999 Athletic Training Fellow, also did her undergraduate work at Mercyhurst College. He holds a Doctor of Physical Therapy degree at Franklin Pierce University and works in and orthopedic physical therapy practice in Concord, NH. He is currently working on his PhD.

New Hampshire Musculoskeletal Institute
Genny (Welch) Connley, MS, ATC

Genny completed her undergraduate work at the University of Evansville in Evansville , Indiana and did her graduate work at Ohio University. Genny is currently employed by Mayfield Clinic in Cincinnati, Ohio.

New Hampshire Musculoskeletal Institute
Jennifer Nowak, ATC

Jenn is a native of Massachusetts. She received her bachelor's degree in Athletic Training from the University of New Hampshire with honors in May of 2003. Basketball, whether coaching or playing, is one of Jenn's favorite activities. She also enjoys camping. At last contact, Jenn was working at South County PT and covering Milford High School.

New Hampshire Musculoskeletal Institute
Chandra Shirley, DPT, PT, ATC

Chandra is from Minnesota. She graduated with a BS in Athletic Training (Second Major: Human Performance and Fitness) from North Dakota State University (with honors) in May of 2003. Chandra enjoys traveling...and has a thing for Dave Matthews! She has earned a doctor physical therapy degree at the University of Wisconsin-Lacrosse and works at OSI (Ortho Sports Inc.) PT in St. Paul.

New Hampshire Musculoskeletal Institute
Kevin D. Horn, DO, ATC

Kevin, a native of Oklahoma, received his bachelor's degree from Oklahoma State University-Stillwater in May 2001. Kevin is an emergency room physician in Anderson, SC. He's a partner with Anderson Emergency Associates. His wife, also a physician, is a family practitioner.

New Hampshire Musculoskeletal Institute
Rebecca Scanlon-Begalle, PhD, ATC, PES

Becky is a 2002 graduate of Canisius College in Buffalo, NY - NHMI's second Canisius Alum. She completed her master's degree at Plymouth State University, Plymouth, NH then worked as an Assistant Athletic Trainer at Skidmore College in Saratoga Springs, NY. She holds a PhD and is on the faculty at Illinois State University.

New Hampshire Musculoskeletal Institute
MacGregor Hall, MEd, PT, ATC

A 2000 graduate of Ithaca College, Mac (and Patrick O'Sullivan below) was one of two fellows in 01-02. Mac lives in Australia with his wife, Emma, and their son Cooper; Mac works in private practice as a physiotherapist near Melbourne. He recently had a brief stint in the states as a lecturer at Coastal Carolina University and absolutely loved it! He is currently looking to enroll in a PhD program with the hopes of becoming a full-time professor in the future!

New Hampshire Musculoskeletal Institute
Patrick O'Sullivan, ATC

Patrick graduated from St. Bonaventure University in May of 2000. He is the Head Athletic Trainer at Bryant University in Rhode Island.

New Hampshire Musculoskeletal Institute
Saori Hanaki-Martin, PhD, ATC

A 2000 graduate of the University of Montana at Missoula and citizen of Japan, Saori was one of two fellows in 00-01. She completed her MS in Kinesiology and Recreation at Illinois State University and received her doctoral degree (exercise science and biomechanics) from the University of Kentucky. She is currently on the faculty of Transylvania University in Lexington, KY as an Assistant Professor of Exercise Science.

New Hampshire Musculoskeletal Institute
Heidi Pieper, ATC

Heidi graduated from the Minnesota State University at Mankato in May of 2000. At the conclusion of the fellowship, Heidi took a position as an orthopedic assistant/outreach athletic trainer in North Carolina.

New Hampshire Musculoskeletal Institute
Amy T. (Cayouette) Hollingworth, ATC

Amy, a 1999 Summa Cum Laude graduate of Ithaca College, was NHMI's 6th Athletic Training Fellow. Amy was the first NH native to receive the Fellowship. After many years as the Head Athletic Trainer at Trinity High School in Manchester, NH, she has now taken over as NHMI's Director of Safe Sports Network and Residency Program Director.

New Hampshire Musculoskeletal Institute
Tamara C. (Valovich) McLeod, PhD, ATC, CSCS, FNATA

Tamara completed her undergraduate work at Mercyhurst College in Erie, PA where she graduated Magna Cum Laude. She then went on to the University of Colorado at Boulder for her Master's in Exercise Physiology. She completed her doctoral degree at the University of Virginia. She is currently a busy researcher and Associate Professor at the Arizona School of Health Sciences in Mesa, AZ. She is the inaugural John P. Wood, D.O., Endowed Chair for Sports Medicine. In 2012, Tamara received the NATA's Athletic Training Service Award and in 2016 she received the NATA's Most Distinguished Athletic Trainer Award. Congratulations!

Carey (Miller) Cardwell, MS, ATC

Carey earned her BS and MS in athletic training at California University of Pennsylvania. After the residency, she worked at Colby-Sawyer College in New London, NH for several years before returning to her native Pittsburgh in 2001. She works for Alleghany General Hospital in an outpatient physical therapy clinic.

New Hampshire Musculoskeletal Institute
Melissa (Reinemann) Manus, PA-C, ATC

Melissa earned her BS in athletic training at Russell Sage College in Troy, NY. She completed her Physician Assistant education during the summer of 2002 is now working as an orthopedic surgery PA at Schenectady Regional Orthopedic Associates.

Michael J. Moran, MS, MBA, ATC

Michael earned his BS at Canisius College, his MS at the University of Pittsburgh and his MBA from Baldwin Wallace College. He is currently National Sales Director for a healthcare IT company..

New Hampshire Musculoskeletal Institute
Rebecca (Lindsay) Choquette, ATC

Becca earned her BS in education and athletic training at the University of Vermont where she returned after completion of the fellowship in 1996. She worked in the athletic training room at UVM for 19 years both clinically with the NCAA division 1 athletes, in addition to mentoring the athletic training students in her role as a preceptor for the AT curriculum program.  She now works in the College of Medicine at UVM in the department of Orthopaedics and Rehabilitation as a Research Project Coordinator pursuing lower extremity injury prevention in high school athletes.