Concussion Warning Signs

Seek emergency care immediately if headache or vomiting are severe and/or when there are seizures or decreasing level of consciousness (becoming confused or difficult to wake up).

Unexpected worsening of symptoms may indicate increasing pressure inside the skull. If symptoms are getting worse even though the child is sitting/resting quietly, call 911. 

When to call 911:

Call 911 if there is loss of consciousness (knocked out) lasting longer than 15-30 seconds.

Call 911 if there is loss of consciousness following a period of consciousness. (For example, minutes to hours or days after the injury, the athlete becomes unresponsive and cannot be awakened.)

Call 911 if the athlete is severely confused or is becoming more confused or "out of it."

Call 911 if there is seizure (uncontrolled full body movements) or stiffening into an unnatural position.

Call 911 if there is repeated vomiting.

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