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Sports Safety Minute

Keep the Flu off the team.  Learn more from this month's Sports Safety Minute.

Questions about Flu?  You can find more useful information on Flu in this video.
Flu season is nearly here.  And as sports transition indoors, the risk for the spread of Flu germs increases.  But, there are several ways you can reduce that risk.  Practicing regular, proper hygiene is an easy first step. Covering up coughs/sneezes, not sharing towels/water bottles among teammates and cleaning common surfaces all reduce the risk of spreading Flu germs.  Also, don't forget to get vaccinated - it takes two weeks before your body can start building up immunity. So, the sooner you get vaccinated, the sooner you (and others around you) are protected.
Getting your Flu shot not only protects you, but also helps protect others who are more vulnerable to Flu, but cannot get vaccinated.
Be sure to disinfect any commonly used surfaces (bench, tables, lockers, door handles, etc.) after activity daily to reduce the spread of Flu.