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Sports Safety Minute

You can keep kids safer with a few facts. Safe Sports can help.

Is your child's chest injury one that requires further medical care?  Our Chest/Abdominal Injury Warning Sheet can help you make that tough decision!
This quick video can help you make sure your kids are as safe as they can be.

An injury to the chest may not be as common as a sprained ankle, but chest injuries can cause very serious harm.  Blunt force trauma (think getting hit by hard ball, puck or even a person) to the chest or abdomen can lead to internal harm.  That is why you need to make sure your young athlete always wears proper protective equipment, as well as be aware of the signs and symptoms that might signify a serious chest or abdominal injury.

Safe Sports Network's Chest/Abdominal Injury Warning Sheet can help you make the right decisions after a chest injury.

Making sure your child wears properly-sized and fitted equipment (like shoulder pads for football, hockey or lacrosse) will help ensure it offers the best protection.