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You can keep kids safer with a few facts. Safe Sports can help.

Our Head Injury Warning Sheet can help you recognize a serious head injury or concussion. This quick video can help you make sure your kids are as safe as they can be.
Imagine: Your child gets hit in the head during a practice or game. They want to go back in and keep playing. Do you let them back in or hold them out? These moments can have a lasting effect on your child's life. You need to do the right thing. Safe Sports can help. This short video provides a brief overview of NH laws regarding suspected head injuries and introduces you to our Head Injury Warning Sheet. Both will help you navigate a difficult time and keep your child safer from further injury.
Safe Sports Network's Head Injury Warning Sheet can help you make the right decisions after a head injury. (See the link below for the full PDF)
This athlete is complaining of a headache after a hard tackle, but quickly wants to go back in. According to NH state law, should you let them return the same day?


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