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Did you know you can get a concussion without even hitting your head?  Whiplash can cause brain injury  causing the brain to hit side of the skull.


Your mouth guard won't prevent a concussion - wear it to protect your teeth!




While there's more research than ever being done on concussion, there's also more misinformation floating around than ever before as well.  When myths spread about how concussion is identified, treated or prevented, it affects the decisions made by coaches, parents and even athletes.  This, in turn, can affect the quality of care given after a potential concussion occurs.  That's why it's important to distinguish between what's myth and fact when talking about concussions. Here are just a couple examples of concussion myths/facts:

MYTH: A person can only experience a concussion if they lose consciousness (i.e. "blackout").
FACT: Around 90% of concussions occur without a loss of consciousness.  A concussion can occur with or without a loss of consciousness.

MYTH: Wearing a mouth guard can help prevent concussions.
FACT: Mouth guards protect teeth from injury, but have not been found to help reduce risk of concussion.