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Sports Safety Minute

Why should I care about skin infections in sports?

Questions about MRSA and other skin infections? You can find more useful information in this video.


Although the risk of spreading a skin infection is higher in sports with greater skin-to-skin contact (i.e. wrestling, basketball, etc.), all athletes can be at some risk.


What harm can they do?

Depending on the infection, one can suffer from reoccurring itching/blistering/sores to life-threatening emergencies.


What should I do if I see signs of infection?

Follow-up with a physician and take any prescribed treatment as instructed.


How can I prevent future infections?

Proper daily hygiene

Thorough cleaning of any common surfaces before/after activity

Not sharing towels, water bottles, etc. with teammates


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MRSA - can often appear similar to a spider bite or pimple.


Ringworm - classic "bullseye" sign.


Impetigo - honey-colored blisters or crusting.