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Sports Safety Minute

You can breathe easier when you know how to use an inhaler properly!

How to use an inhaler...

1. Remove cap from the inhaler device.
2. Shake the canister well for a few seconds.
3. If needed, connect the spacer to the device.
4. Breathe out.
5. Hold the inhaler device to the mouth, press the button and breathe in.
6. Hold the breath for 10 seconds.
7. Slowly exhale.
8. Place protective cap back on inhaler device.

Inhalers can vary greatly in appearance among different brands...

Avoiding future Asthma attacks:
  • It might be impossible to avoid everything that causes breathing problems.
  • However, the more things that you're aware of that can cause an episode, the more prepared you'll be to avoid triggering another attack.
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Asthma can be triggered by many different things, from dust, to cold weather or even stress!

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